GreenGuard Products
GreenGuard® extruded polystyrene (XPS) does not absorb water, is not a food source for mold, and is not subject to moisture-related damage and deterioration.  An R-Value of 5.0 per inch of thickness makes it an excellent thermal insulator that increases the energy efficiency of structures and retains its insulating properties over time.  GreenGuard® XPS insulation provides a barrier to moisture infiltration.  GreenGuard® XPS Insulation Board is ideal for a variety of applications, including below slab, below grade along the foundation, inside basement walls, exterior insulation over wood sheathing, and residing.


Window & Door Protector

Grip-Rite window & door protector is available in a variety of widths, each roll individually wrapped.

Weather Resistive Barriers

Grip-Rite weather resistive barriers put a powerful layer between exterior walls and the elements. Available in residential, commercial grade, and economy grade, Grip-Rite weather resistive barriers meet or exceed ICC AC 38 Acceptance Criteria.