Rockwool Products
Roxul is North America's leading manufacturer of fire resistant stone wool insulation.  Roxul products are made from natural rock and recycled slag, and can be manufactured with up to 93% recycled content.  Fire resistant up to 2150º F, Roxul stone wool insulation can withstand intense heat, offering extended fire protection to residential buildings.  Roxul insulation repels water, and does not promote the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria for superior indoor air quality.  Roxul ComfortBatt thermal home insulation is available in R15 for 2x4 studs, R23 for 2x6 studs, and R30 for 2 x 8 studs, offering maximum thermal performance.  Roxul Safe 'n' Sound interior fire and soundproofing insulation is sound absorbent, and ideal for applications such as bedrooms, home theater rooms, and main floor laundry rooms.


Stone Wool Insulation Knife

Grip-Rite’s Stone Wool Insulation Knife is perfect for cutting stone wool and mineral wool with ease. The recommended knife for cutting Roxul stone wool insulation.

Window & Door Protector

Grip-Rite window & door protector is available in a variety of widths, each roll individually wrapped.