PrimeSource Donates Inventory

All our DCs have been making concentrated efforts to address inventory issues


Dec 30, 2015
PrimeSource Donates Inventory

Over the past several months, all of our DCs have been making concentrated efforts to address inventory issues with rebalancing across the network and in many cases donating inventory. Most of the time when we think of donating inventory, visuals of dead and obsolete stock that nobody wants come to mind with piles of forgotten items trucked off to never be seen nor heard from again. Well...think again! This is not what happens to donated inventory nor how this material is treated. Here are just a few stories coming from the field from our donation efforts.

"I just now met with the South Carolina Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity. He told me that our donations have been an absolute godsend with all of the flooding that we have had in the midlands of South Carolina. His workload has gone through the roof with all of the needs in our area. He expressed his utmost gratitude for our generosity!" Dick Olsen - DCM Columbia.

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation was looking for a company that makes doll houses. They found one that would SELL the houses to them. When Habitat for Humanity heard about this they were flabbergasted and committed to make the doll houses at no cost to Make-A-Wish. Grip-Rite fasteners and other PrimeSource products are being used in the construction of these doll houses!” Dick Olsen - DCM Columbia.

“The Mid-Atlantic Carpenter Training Center took some of our donated material. This organization is training the future skilled labor that will use our products in the future. Also, all of our donated roofing materials went to Camp Puh'Tok which is a summer camp and outdoor learning organization for children in the area.” Brian McKiernan - DCM Baltimore.

“Dear Donney. Jazmine's life is better today. You changed it. Your generosity told jazmine and her sons, and Habijax buyers like her, that someone, maybe that she didn't even know, believed in her. And that is powerful. I deeply appreciate your in-kind gift to Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville. It demonstrates your belief that everyone deserves safe and affordable high quality housing. Your gift is changing not just lives, like Jazmine's, but entire communities....” Mary Kay O'Rourke - President & CEO Habitat for Humanity Jacksonville. Donny Godbee - DCM Jacksonville.

Thank you to all that sent in their stories - the above are just a sampling. Much good came from out local DCs using their inventory and this opportunity with these charitable organizations. At PrimeSource we always strive to be part of our local communities and this is truly an example of one of our taglines: Global Reach...Hometown Service!

Eric Royse - SVP Operations