Logistics As A Service

PrimeSourceBP Distribution Services

“We can solve customers’ logistical challenges with our large and sophisticated network.”

Buying and selling product is the first step, then you have to get it where it needs to go. But when you’re dealing with multiple locations, logistics challenges can come up. Talk to us. With all our facilities and tractor-trailers on the road, we have the resources to help customers find efficient solutions.

Streamlining Supply Chains

PrimeSourceBP Distribution Services

“We work hard to make our customers’ inventories more manageable.”

Low minimum orders. Weekly deliveries. High fill rates. EDI capabilities. By making your supply chain as frictionless as we can, we’ll help you compete more effectively in today’s demanding market conditions.

Exceptional Distribution Centers

PrimeSourceBP Services

“Customers are blown away by the size, sophistication, and variety of products at our distribution centers.”

Our distribution centers move a vast selection of products efficiently. The broad line card is unmatched – we carry everything. Plus, our territory managers stay up to date on the products popular in your local market.

Locations Across The U.S.A.

PrimeSourceBP Services

“Our customers know they can rely on our distribution. Put simply, we deliver.”

We have 34 distribution centers strategically located throughout the country. There is a distribution center within 100 miles of most of our biggest customers, and we have over 300 tractor-trailers on the road making deliveries.

Global Sourcing

PrimeSourceBP Services

PrimeSource Direct

“When you partner with PrimeSource, your containers go to the front of the line.”

At PrimeSource, we import 20,000 containers annually. That’s more than the ocean carriers. We’re better and more reliable than anybody else in our space. As a C-TPAT Certified Partner, the risk our containers get delayed in customs is greatly reduced. Which means you’ll be able to claim your inventory on schedule.