PrimeSource Receives Patent on Premium Grip-Rite ® ShingleLayment

Tough Roof Deck Protection Features Patented Design
that Aesthetically Displays Shingled Roof Pattern During Construction
Irving, TX (September, 2018) — PrimeSource Building Products, recently was awarded a US
Patent for its innovative design of a synthetic underlayment called ShingleLayment®
, the only
synthetic underlayment in the market designed to protect your roof and look like a shingled
rooftop during construction.
“Homeowners don’t want to be looking out at a sea of blue tarps or product logos covering
unfinished roofs during a construction project,” said Peter Barrego, VP of Global Sourcing. “We
decided to create an effective synthetic underlayment that also looks good.”
Synthetic underlayments, Barrego, said, have quickly become industry standard, replacing
petroleum-laden asphalt roofing felt, known commonly as tar paper. But all featured unsightly
designs featuring brand logos or bright colors. ShingleLayment®
is available in an exclusive
patented shingle print pattern, making it the only AC 188 listed underlayment that gives the
appearance of a finished roof while a home is under construction or under repair.
In addition to improving the look of a project provides immediate roof deck protection and a
long-lasting secondary water-shedding layer ShingleLayment®
is made of tough UV-treated
woven polypropylene and has a high tensile strength that resists wind blow off and can resist
the sun’s harmful rays for up to 180 days. Combine these features with a non-skid walking
surface and you have the ultimate roofing underlayment.
“PrimeSource is always looking for innovative products to add to our portfolio,” said Building
Materials Group Manager Andy Spyhalski. “We know we are a key supplier and we want to
respond to our customers’ needs and give them innovative choices.”
is available in three weight classes:
1. lightweight ShingleLayment® LWE;
2. mid-weight ShingleLayment-15 Pro;
3. and our heavy-weight ShingleLayment® Premium.
All ShingleLayment®
styles are third-party tested to ICC AC 188, Florida Statewide Building Code
and are backed by PrimeSource’s limited warranty.

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